Mike || travelingmic@gmail.com || Germany
As a researcher in tribal culture, I often travel with guides,but rarely I worked with someone before who could simply anticipate my requirements and (often rather specific)questions like Thura.

We spent really pleasant and peaceful days together and all learned a lot.I can really recommend to any one staying in Kyaukme and be blessed with a million smiles by everybody in town and in the villages.Thura took us around on the motorbikes and proved to be safe driver. Again, much thank to him. Our stay was a huge success.

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Daniel Sherrell || daniel_sherrell@brown.edu || American
Even if I waxed real hyperbolic with this review , it still would not do the 2 days trekking adventure I had with Thura justice. Highlands Burma is another world from down in the floodplains.

And Thura's charisma,experience and truly impeccable English are the best way to see it.I slept on the floor of a beautiful wood home in a Palaung village perched in the rainclouds after 20 some-odd cups of locally grown tea and a full day of hiking, motorbiking adventure.Suffice to say , I slept well and contented. Seriously, do it. Many thanks..Thura.

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Paul & Sarah latter || paultlatter@yahoo.co.uk || England
2 days/ 1 night trip by motorbike to Shan,Nepali and Palaung villages. Great trip seeing "real" Myanmar.The villages were perfect and our overnight stay was a privilege for us and a wonderful experience.

The roads are a bit rough- " no pain- no gain" . Thura looked after us very well and responded to our requests. An experience never to be forgotten .Very fluent English. Brilliant! Go while you can!

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Lindsey & Brian || noanimus@yahoo.com || USA
Thank you so much for your kindness + patience with us since it was our first time driving a motorbike! You were a good teacher and guide on our journey.We enjoyed the scenery of the beautiful mountains, meeting the villagers and the other wonderful experiences that you walked us through(or in this case, drove us …ha .ha .ha).

The trip that you brought us on was very satisfying + opened our eyes to life in Myanmar.And I must add , is an amazing place. You showed us something we will never forget and people that represent your country in the best way.Thank you , Thura…

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Elise || elise.bromberg@gmail.com || USA
Coming back from a 2 days / 1 night motorbike trip with Thura...great ! The scenery was beautiful (MAGICAL even) and Thura is a great guide with tons of interesting stories to tell.

We really enjoyed seeing the different villages+ drinking about 5814 cups of tea. We stayed with a lovely Palaung family last night and the food was amazing.It is an awesome way to see the countryside with a really knowledgable & fun guide - highly recommended!!!

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Doctor.John || joribal@btinternet.com || England
Just returned to town .Slaking our thirst ,washing away the dust,healing our bodies,cementing a new friendship with a couple of cold beers, with Thura and his accomplices!!!

Been away from all stress, hidden in the mountains,discovering wonderful country and ourselves.Memories that will last of awesome Shan State and the friendliest people in Myanmar...will be back..

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Brian,Elaine,Mitchel || spfinehomes@xplornet.com || Canada
Hello there: We are 4 Canadians just returned from a wonderful 4 day trek with Thura.We took a 2 hour ride in on motorbikes and Thura was very careful and attentive to our safety.The trek itself was amazing! We stayed in a different family home each night with a traditional open fire in the centre of the communal room.We were greeted shyly but with great care and hospitality at each home. The food was great.But keep an open mind to new tastes and food choices.We were extremely lucky and

got to go/were invited to a funeral,a wedding and a dance recital at a small school.We have travelled all over the world from Antartica to India and this was definitely a highlight of all our travels.I will offer a few pieces of advice:

- learn the greeting of each village / language and use it with everyone you meet.It will turn a curious stare into a warm smile.

- keep an open mind about the foods and different sleeping conditions.you wanted an adventure not a hotel.

- Invest in a conversation with your home hosts, ask how many kids they have,how old they are,tell them the same about yourself.The whole atmosphere will change when you engage.

Thura can translate your conversations...and you will largely expand you experience.Now jump in with both feet and enjoy.Thura is a wonderful guide. Ask lots of questions to get the most out of your experience.

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Grace,Esther ,Paul || estherjko@gmail.com || Canada
It was great to take Thura as our guide.Thank you so much for taking us on our two days trek.We appreciated your patience in learning how to use the motorbike and being slower during the hike("everyone has his/her own pace").We loved meeting the village people and

were so touched by their friendliness and warmth and generosity.Not only was it adventurous(riding the bike in the mountains),it was fun hanging out with you and everyone who we met along the way.Thank you for making our stay here a memorable one..

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Daniel || danielgaviria@gmail.com || America
My wife and I went on the trip not knowing much what to expect. Without hesitation it was the most exciting experience in Myanmar. The best way to truly get to know the life of the Myanmar people is

to live it.Thura opened my eyes to something I had never seen.I think that this is a must for anyone coming to this country.Be open-minded and just let the smile of the children you meet in the villages change your life.

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www.fivedollartraveller.com || Webmaster@fivedollartraveller.com || Australia
We are very glad we found you online! We very much enjoyed visiting the mountain villages&being able to experience living with the locals.The food was GREAT... We are more than

happy to recommend this tour experience to everyone who visit Myanmar.Thanks again Thura, we will write a full review on www.fivedollartraveller.com

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