The ethnic Palaung people residing in the mountains around kyaukme mainly live on cultivating tea.So if you are in their regions, you are gonna see all the steep slope of the moutains filled up with tea bushes.And their daily life often get busy with all the works necessary for tea proudce.The tea season normally starts in April and it goes all the way to November.So, it is something like 8 months of tea harvest in a year.

There are three different types of tea which are processed by the Palaung people.Green tea, Black tea and Pickled tea leaves are available from them.But they use the same type of leaves from the same plants.It becomes varied sorts of tea by a different ways of process and preparation with the use of the same leaves.

There are so many tea shops through out MYANMAR .And thier tea is spread out in these shops.The black tea and green tea are mainly consumed in the tea shops.The blak tea is often drunk as with some other ingredients like sugar & condensed milk.If you have just hot water,green tea is possible to be served as a free drink.But it is quite amazing that to drink green tea is often free of charge.Even in the tea shop, it is just a free drink.But, you are likely supposed to buy some other drinks or snacks if you are in the tea shops even though green tea is gratuitous.

All the restaurants and food stalls in MYANMARutilize green tea as a free drink.There are always green tea pots on the table before the meals are ready.For example,when you are waiting for your meals that you order,you can have green tea and have a chat with your friends.

Pickled tea is mainly for making tea salad.And tea salad includes a lof of ingredients like sliced tomatoes,fresh garlic, dry shrimps,fried & crunchy beans and peanuts,green chillies,chopped cabbages,cooking oil,sesame seeds,salt and ginger.All these ingredients are mixed up with picked tea and it becomes a delicious Myanmar traditonal snacks.You are gonna find this tea salad in all the wedding ceremonies or any ceremonies in Myanmar.It is part of the foods that comes on the serve in any type of Myanmar occasional ceremonies and green tea as well.....

developed by Thura (B.C.Sc)